Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kate's New Words

Donny and I were discussing Kate vocabulary tonight (because her dr. acted like she was dumb at her one year check up) Kate's vocab isn't huge but it is all dang cute.

1. Mama

2. Dada

3. Dag dag (doggie)

4. uh oh ( when she pushed food off her high chair or throws my phone down

5.eeww ( when something is cool)

6. aahh( when something is really cool)

7. yummy yummy yummy when she wants to eat what I'm eating or wants her bottle

8. Baaaa ( bottle)

we think she is a genius.
Paging Dr. Kate

So much to do so little time....

motorcycle mama!!

Kate's B-day Party in Fallon, She didn't get a good nap that day so she is not her sweet perfect self.

Christmas Eve with Santa, She's not a fan.
and Christmas morning with daddy.

Our attemtped to take a family picture, and nobody is in a good mood. isn't that the way it always works.

Kate's favorite toy, she would have rode all day if we would let her. Who's her daddy???

Showing off her c-mas dress.

Grandpa's girl for sure.

So Christmas came and went, Kate's first birthday came and went and then new years and I haven't caught up with life yet, still working on it. Christmas was wonderful in AZ, we had a great time and a great christmas, Kate didn't really get it though she didn't really need to have more than one present cause she was never really ready to move on to the next gift. Donny pouted about getting clothes but I think that we starting to except the fact that he is becoming an adult.
Kate's birthday parties ( one in AZ and one in Fallon) were way fun, Kate is on visual overload and doesn't quite know what to do with all of her new toys. She is also walking all over the place now and got alittle attitude with her new found talent. She doesn't really need anyone now especially her mom.
We had our officially ultrasound for baby #2 and everything is perfect with HER!! She has all of her parts and they are all in the right place and no weird extra parts. Donny was still holding out that she might be a he but she is still a she and we are exicted.
I think that I have cover most of what is going on in our lives for now, hopefully I will be a better blogger in 2008. Happy New Year!!!!