Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

It was a busy week of Parties and fun. Kate had a busy agenda everyday this week and got to dress up alot and loved every minute of it. She was Minnie Mouse for Halloween but she also had some princess parties to hit up so she had to get attire for all occasions. Kylie was a pea in a pod and could have really cared less about the whole thing. (she hasn't been sleeping well so she wasn't in the party mood.) We also go a little pet kitten on Friday which I'm totally not a cat person or even an animal person, but she is actually really cute and Kate loves her, maybe even alittle to much, and even more surprising Donny loves her the most. I thought he would have been mad at me for getting her but he lets her sit on his lap and takes her out to play and talks to her in baby talk. It really cute but totally unexpected. Who would have known.

Didn't you know Snow White rides a quad.

Kate at the ward party!!

Kate's first boyfriend Of course it was a dog. She followed this little boy around and made him hold her had. They were really cute.

Kylie was already to go trick or treating and lasted about 2 minutes in her stroller and then she was fast asleep.

I didn't stage this picture I promise ( I don't really want the cat by my baby) But I thought it was cute.

This is how Donny chills now, with the kitten on his chest or shoulder SO WEIRD uh!!!