Friday, December 7, 2007

It's a Girl!!!

Yesterday I went down to Costa Mesa and got a gender determination ultrasound and the results are that we are having another girl. I'm excited to have two sweet girls that can be really great friends and then grow up together and fight over clothes, curling irons and make-up every morning before school. Donny took the news ok I guess. He did say that he is getting a vasectomy today and that we are going to buy the rest of our kids so he can get a boy, but we all know he won't buy anything if he can get it for free. We might just have to name this baby Diesel than he will get over the fact that she is a girl.

Monday, December 3, 2007


On Sat. was the BYU vs. UCSD game, we had tickets but it was a cold and windy day so Kate and I stayed home and and went shopping but we had to get her dressed to support BYU. Donny needed pictures because he is sure that they will be invaluble when she is pre-med at BYU in 17 years. She also hasn't gone to far these days without my phone and her teddy.

She had some very important calls to make. Kate is sure that my cell phone is hers now.

This is Kate right befor we went to church and I thought that she looked absolutely adorable.