Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer days

Ky- This is what you would look like if you fell out of the door (again) and land on the cement face first, then had spagetti and green beans and then ate an ice cream sandwich out in the grass and still was about the happiest most opinionated monkey in the world,
Kay- This is what you would look like if you got to eat ice cream sandwiches outside and you refused to wear pants anymore because you couldn't get them off in enought time to go pee pee.
We are alittle trash but we are HAPPY!!
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Family FUN!!

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My big girl and My big (old) boy

Here's more video of my big girl- warning- you might want to turn your sound down so you don't have to hear how well behaved her sister is.Donny also had a birthday this month- he wanted to come and go and nobody do anything about it, but we had a little birthday party for him and Kylie enjoyed more that anyone. Happy Birthday Donny! We love you!!

The first Steps-

These are some of the first steps my sweet Kylie- She started about 6 weeks ago but mom of the year didn't get around to it til now. She's so happy. She is trying so hard these days to keep up with the big girls.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet Cruiser!!!

Kylie has been enjoying her new found freedoms know that she knows that she doesn't have to have sore knees and she can go anywhere she wants- She is my BIG sweet girl. Kate is also potty trained and get a gumball everytimes she pee pees in the potty. We are growing up so fast aren't we.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My baby is ONE!!!

My Baby girl is ONE!! I can't believe she is already one. She is such a sweet girl and happy baby. I am truly one of the most blessed mama's in the world and this really has been such a great year with these sweet baby. I Love you sweet Girl!! Thank you for being mine!!! She makes my everyday so fun, I love that she loves me so much and she makes my heart melt everyday. She is starting to take steps now and she smiles and laughs with ever step.

We had two little mini parties for Kylie, She wasn't too sure about any of it but she did like her cakes. Isn't she adorable.
Her cupcake cake was supposed to look like a ballerina outfit, It was still really good.
I just love this girl!One party was at the park during playgroup, and the other was sunday afternoon with friends and family, Kate, of course, added the Mickey Mouse on the cake.

What do you do when your FORD dies....

You borrow a Chevy to tow you home!!!
It was a super sad day for Donny.

Catch up!! I know I know!!!

We have just been plugging along at life, busy as ever and We (well I) have just dropped the ball when it comes to blogging and or documenting any of it, I would love to say that I will do better but you all know me.
Easter morning was way fun this year because Kate was really excited about everything, she's finally understanding and getting the whole holiday thing and loving it.

Kylie just following Kate around picking up the candy out of the eggs that she dropped, and was so Happy every minute- She's my Happy girl- always!!
Kylie and her first hard boiled egg.
We had alot of fun coloring eggs- they were all very colorful and unique to say the least.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blog What???

So I know that I have totally slacked in the blogging dept. and other departments as well but I will try harder. I feel like I have been super busy but mostly spinning my wheel. That last few months have been fun and eventful to say the least.
Five- Kylie has five teeth now, she is such a good baby but she did have a hard time with the teeth thing.
Four- trips to California, Oceanside and Sacramento- We had great weather and it was really nice to go and visit friends.
Three- I thinks that there is probably something but my mind is mush and I can't remember what I was going to put here.
Two- New eyes for Donny- He had Lasix and loves being able to see license plates from across the street.
One- New job- I went back to work at the Hospital and I'm enjoying myself alot more than I remember the last time.
This was our trip to Sacramento- we went with Donny's parents, this is Fairy Tale town, Kate loved it there and loved the "ETHER BUNNY"
Kate with some cousins Makenzie, Alanna, Callie

Kylie and her favorite guy- She is Grandpa's girl!

More Ether bunny- she didn't not leave this bunny's side until he had to leave and go to a closed party.
I just thought they were really cute this day- We were already late for church so I decided to have a little photo shoot.

My sweet girl.

4-wheelers are in their DNA. They have no choice to but to love to ride. We are starting them young.

Cousins picture- I don't know what is funnier- The nine little kids that we are trying to get and stay on the couch OR the nine adults that are lined up trying to get a picture.

Grandpa is always the life of the party!
Easter egg hunt went over well, The little ones loved to find them and open them and then drop them down after they got the goods out of them.

Didn't I say that grandpa's the life of every party.
Photo shoot with Grandma Jean and her great grand babies.
I just can't get enough of this girl-- She is at such a fun age, she is learning new tricks and she is almost always super smiley

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Totally how I Feel!!

I know that my mom doesn't agree at all but this is how I feel especially after days like today!!

I picked up these magnants 5 times and little miss just kept taking them off and throwing down, it was quite the game.

This was my day today, a good mother would have loved her babies, I just filmed them. We had quite the morning.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Truly is the Happiest place on earth!!

Doesn't this picture say it ALL! Kate was the happiest girl ever, She loved every minute we spent there. She was is Heaven. She was says that she loves the princesses the best, but she stares at this picture of her and Minnie everyday. She can't wait to go back and I don't blame her. Thank Sarah for letting come and stay with you we had a blast. We owe you guys big time.
Kate was in awe of the princesses she didn't want to leave their side.

Kate loves Ariel the the most.
We were waiting in line for the new Woody ride- which was awesome!!
Cute Kids UH
Kate and Kylie got crowns from the under the sea ride.
Donny hasn't been to Disneyland since he was a little boy and he won't admit but he had just as much fun as Kate and I.

Kylie and her friend Brooke. Is was fun to see them playing together.