Sunday, December 21, 2008

Warm weather and fun!!

The Porter Girls
We tried to take some cute pictures but Kate wasn't having any of it. Kylie on the other hand was hamming is up- She is the sweetest girl.

The Party bus!!

Kylie got to come to dinner- Lucky Girl!!
Our cousin kaelie helped me in the bath tub with the girls.
Everyone loves this sweet Girl!!
This is a love-hate relationship at it's finest. These two didn't know if they were best friends or enemies.

Thanks to Aunt Heidi for the matching jammies- We had a fun PJ party-

So I know a major catch up is necessary but the holiday season's are crazy right. Well I have been out and about since the beginning of December. I have been having a really good time but we haven't been on a schedule much and not alot of down time so blogging has definately on the back burner. I went to AZ for my Grandma's Mannings 90th birthday party and all of my brothers and sister came and we had a great catch up week. Since we were all here we celebrated my sister's 40th birthday by giving her a make-over and renting a party bus and taking her to a nice dinner. SO FUN UH!!
Then I took off to my old stomping grounds Oceanside, CA to see my old friends. It was so fun to see everyone. I miss that place so much. I got to go to the ward party and see the ward and rememer the great friends that I left there. Then Off to Palm Springs with the Asay's, Harrison's and Pinon's, (a trip that we planned month's ago.) Oh yea- and I got to see my husband again and my girls got to see their daddy. We had a great time just hanging around, getting a massage and pedicures. Can't beat that uh!! So here are some of the pictures that are on my mom's computer- Best I can do at this point. Merry Christmas to all-