Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blog What???

So I know that I have totally slacked in the blogging dept. and other departments as well but I will try harder. I feel like I have been super busy but mostly spinning my wheel. That last few months have been fun and eventful to say the least.
Five- Kylie has five teeth now, she is such a good baby but she did have a hard time with the teeth thing.
Four- trips to California, Oceanside and Sacramento- We had great weather and it was really nice to go and visit friends.
Three- I thinks that there is probably something but my mind is mush and I can't remember what I was going to put here.
Two- New eyes for Donny- He had Lasix and loves being able to see license plates from across the street.
One- New job- I went back to work at the Hospital and I'm enjoying myself alot more than I remember the last time.
This was our trip to Sacramento- we went with Donny's parents, this is Fairy Tale town, Kate loved it there and loved the "ETHER BUNNY"
Kate with some cousins Makenzie, Alanna, Callie

Kylie and her favorite guy- She is Grandpa's girl!

More Ether bunny- she didn't not leave this bunny's side until he had to leave and go to a closed party.
I just thought they were really cute this day- We were already late for church so I decided to have a little photo shoot.

My sweet girl.

4-wheelers are in their DNA. They have no choice to but to love to ride. We are starting them young.

Cousins picture- I don't know what is funnier- The nine little kids that we are trying to get and stay on the couch OR the nine adults that are lined up trying to get a picture.

Grandpa is always the life of the party!
Easter egg hunt went over well, The little ones loved to find them and open them and then drop them down after they got the goods out of them.

Didn't I say that grandpa's the life of every party.
Photo shoot with Grandma Jean and her great grand babies.
I just can't get enough of this girl-- She is at such a fun age, she is learning new tricks and she is almost always super smiley