Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet Cruiser!!!

Kylie has been enjoying her new found freedoms know that she knows that she doesn't have to have sore knees and she can go anywhere she wants- She is my BIG sweet girl. Kate is also potty trained and get a gumball everytimes she pee pees in the potty. We are growing up so fast aren't we.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My baby is ONE!!!

My Baby girl is ONE!! I can't believe she is already one. She is such a sweet girl and happy baby. I am truly one of the most blessed mama's in the world and this really has been such a great year with these sweet baby. I Love you sweet Girl!! Thank you for being mine!!! She makes my everyday so fun, I love that she loves me so much and she makes my heart melt everyday. She is starting to take steps now and she smiles and laughs with ever step.

We had two little mini parties for Kylie, She wasn't too sure about any of it but she did like her cakes. Isn't she adorable.
Her cupcake cake was supposed to look like a ballerina outfit, It was still really good.
I just love this girl!One party was at the park during playgroup, and the other was sunday afternoon with friends and family, Kate, of course, added the Mickey Mouse on the cake.

What do you do when your FORD dies....

You borrow a Chevy to tow you home!!!
It was a super sad day for Donny.

Catch up!! I know I know!!!

We have just been plugging along at life, busy as ever and We (well I) have just dropped the ball when it comes to blogging and or documenting any of it, I would love to say that I will do better but you all know me.
Easter morning was way fun this year because Kate was really excited about everything, she's finally understanding and getting the whole holiday thing and loving it.

Kylie just following Kate around picking up the candy out of the eggs that she dropped, and was so Happy every minute- She's my Happy girl- always!!
Kylie and her first hard boiled egg.
We had alot of fun coloring eggs- they were all very colorful and unique to say the least.