Saturday, March 29, 2008

So Um Where did March go.....

So disreguard the last paragragh because I do have some pictures. I gave the baby a Peep because they are probably the best thing ever made and I thought she needed to enjoy this sweet perfect little marshmellow chicken and she loved it, every sugary, sweet moment of it. That's my Girl!!

Time is just flying by, I don't seem to be getting my head above clutter, to get much of anything else done. I keep threatening to hire someone to come and nest for me because I swear that I don't have that instinct. Ceri, you up for the job, the pay isn't great but you get to hang out with me. Life is just about the same but I am 10 pounds heavier- Or enormous is what my scale reads. We had a great time in Tahoe this month and then spent a few days in Fallon at Donny's House, He got to go snow mobiling a few times more before the snow all melts away. Then we head to AZ for Easter and had a great time there. Kate got spoiled at both grandma's houses and doesn't understand why life isn't like that when we get home.

She absolutely HATED the Easter bunny at the mall and if my camera was dead I would have pictures of that most precious moment. She loved to find the Easter eggs with starburst in them but felt that she got hosed when she found eggs with money in them, and threw them on the ground.

Today she hasn't been able to keep anything down and has gone through five bed changes, five outfits and three baths. Not the best day for us. She finally fell asleep from complete exhaustion and we are just hoping she stays asleep for at least a few hours. We hope that she will feel better in the morning cause I feel awful for the sweet little thing. She is trying to be sweet and happy but she just doesn't feel good.

That is about it for us for now and sorry no pictures- Our camera is dead and I'm wishing for a new one for our wedding anniversary- so anyone who talks to Donny might want to remind him that, that is what I want- hint hint.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Where did Feb. go.....

Kate discovered Candy and has her mother's sweet tooth.

I can't believe how fast time is going by.. Feb came and went so fast. I got an email the other day that said "you have nine weeks to go until you hold your baby" It scared the heck out of me, so I had to start getting ready for this next baby. We still don't have a name yet or a place for her to sleep but everything else is starting to fall into place. Kate is getting bigger and very independent (Lucky me) She got 3 molars in last week so she is at least being nice again. She loves her books and is totally into MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE and is in love with Dogs or (dag dags) She's such a sweet GIRL , she is just a turkey some times.
P.S. We are taking suggestions on names if anyone hears a cute girl name we are all ears.

This GIRL loves her Teddy and now she has Teddy 1 and Teddy 2, she has to have them to sleep and carries them around the house almost all the time.

Valentines day was kind on COLD and RAINY but it cleared up for a little while so she could go out and play, she loves being outside and would be all day if I would let her. We are trying to get her dad to buy her a swing set for the back yard so we have more to do but he would rather buy tires and oil and stuff.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
We love you all!!

I love Candy!! Good thing my daddy is a dentist!

She has good hygiene skills though!!

Where did Feb go....