Thursday, November 29, 2007

Giving Thanks!!!

Thanksgiving in Fallon was really alot of fun this year. It was fun to be with Donny's family even though his mom missed it to be in Utah for the arrival of Karin's baby. Congrats to Karin by the way. Kate loved here first thanksgiving. She ate Grandma Jean's mashed potatoes for about every meal and was happy doing so.

To much turkey- I need a nap.

Christmas tree cutting on Friday was also really fun. Kate loved the quad, we couldn't her off it. I wonder who kid she is. No DNA test needed for this girl. Donny took off with her in the middle of the day and I couldn't find them, they were gone for about 30 minutes and I was so furious with him and then they came back to camp at about 5 mph and she was out. I couldn't be mad anymore because they looked so cute together. Donny still thinks that he is father of the year. Cute uh.

Our little scarface....
Baby Kate got in a fight with Jetta the enormous lab puppy. We thought that she was at a safe distance playing with each but Jetta's got a wing span on her.

We attempted a family picture before dinner but it didn't turn out like I had hoped. We might not be getting a christmas card out this year.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Surprise!! It's offical!!

So I am kind of weird about telling people big news but It is offical, I am pregnant again!! I know that it hasn't been a real long time since I said that but it is true. I went to the Dr today and had a ultrasound and everything so far looked just fine. Two arms and two legs and one beating heart. So all is well. I have been really sick with this pregnancy so Donny swears that this one is a boy (Only a boy could make me this sick) I hope that I am about out of the puking phase. I am 13 weeks and 2 days and I am due May 14th, 2008. We will keep you posted on any excited detail as the arise.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Halloween and so much more....

It doesn't get much cuter..
Ride um cowgirl!

Some of them are happier to be there than others.

Save water share the tub!!!

So I haven't blogged in a long time becasuse my computer was in the shop. But it is out now and I am home to use it. I went to my mom's house in AZ to visit my mom and sisters, one of which came from Montana with her three girls. We had so much fun playing together, then the fires started here and Donny thought that the baby and I were better off staying there because the air quality was so bad here. So I agreed and stayed at my mom's house for another whole week. I was fun to be spoiled again. Grandma rocked Kate to sleep every night so I got a break. It was wonderful. Well I had left Kate's Halloween costume here so I had to think of something else that she could be well, Luckily Grandma wanted to get a picture of the grandkids dressed as cowboys and cowgirls. It was the cutest picture ever and she made a great cowgirl for trick or treating as well.