Saturday, January 31, 2009

Truly is the Happiest place on earth!!

Doesn't this picture say it ALL! Kate was the happiest girl ever, She loved every minute we spent there. She was is Heaven. She was says that she loves the princesses the best, but she stares at this picture of her and Minnie everyday. She can't wait to go back and I don't blame her. Thank Sarah for letting come and stay with you we had a blast. We owe you guys big time.
Kate was in awe of the princesses she didn't want to leave their side.

Kate loves Ariel the the most.
We were waiting in line for the new Woody ride- which was awesome!!
Cute Kids UH
Kate and Kylie got crowns from the under the sea ride.
Donny hasn't been to Disneyland since he was a little boy and he won't admit but he had just as much fun as Kate and I.

Kylie and her friend Brooke. Is was fun to see them playing together.

Kate's Gym Class!

Kate love her "nanastics" class. She loves the Trampoline the best but she getting pretty good on the bars and balance beams. You got to love this girl.

She's my big Girl.

She is my sweet girl who loves that she can get around and get into her sister's toys. I love this girl.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playing catch up!!!

So I know that I have been a lame blogger lately so I am trying to play a little catch up. We have had a great Holiday season and Life has been pretty great and really busy. We are finally getting over the winter cold and flu and hopefully done with all of that yuck. We got a swing set for christmas and now this is how I spend a good chunk of my day, doesn't matter how cold it is outside she is always game to go swing.
She's so adorable isn't she, I just love this girl.

Cousin Jamie was a great babysitter and loved little Kylie too.

After Thanksgiving dinner

Kate found a friend
Family Pictures Donny loves to take family pictures
We went out to sand mountain when Sarah and David came in to town. The kids played in the sand and loved riding quads. Donny was so proud of his girls that they loved riding.
Kylie is crawling. She loves her new found freedom. She has been crawling for a while but I'm a slacker mom who can't get the video to load so I'll try again later.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas, Birthday, and PUKE oh my!!!!

This is Our Family Picture for 2008, Kiersten you did an amazing job. Thank you so much. Let's just say it has been one hell of a week! I will try to sum it up for fun sake so try to keep up. First Christmas at grandma's in AZ was so fun. Kate still hated Santa when she saw him but after christmas morning when she figured out that the old red guy brings toys she wants him to come back. I have christmas pictures on my other camera so I post them later. Donny got a fabulous new camera from me and I love it he has not taken a picture yet. Christmas night Kate's eye got all swollen and gunky all of a sudden and I put her to bed thinking I just got some lotion in it but NO she woke up with her I swollen shut. I took her to the hospital early that morning and she had double eye infections double ear infections. Later that day she started throwing up ( I was hoping it was her medicine) But no she puked all night all over me. I changed my shirt 18 time is one day. Thanks mom for doing 100 loads of laundry of bedsheets, clothes, jammies and everything else in your house, staying up with us all night and then letting me get a nap every afternoon. It was wonderful and and I'm grateful for all you did. Kylie was teething through all this and tried to be her sweet happy self but she had horrible diaper rash and just kind of misable. We got well enough to fly home and got home sunday about 1230am, to a clean house (dishes done, laundry folded, toys picked up) Thank you so much Grandma and grandpa. It was wonderful of you and wonderful to come home to a clean house. Monday, My Kate turned two, Donny went snow mobiling and I stay home to play with the girls and get her party ready. Monday night we had a little dinner and party for Kate. Donny and I felt pukey all day but thought it was all in my head. Well donny puked all over my kitchen floor during the party and this will go down as "Kate's party that Donny puked at" Donny went to bed right then and there. After I got the girls down I started throwing up and then Kylie woke up about a hour later throwing up. I felt so bad for her because she didn't even know what the heck was going on. We are finally all over it and I got my house cleaned (well sort of) and lysoled and sheets changed and hopefully have the stomach bug out of my house. I hate cold and flu season. I am glad that we all done with it and all feeling better. Thanks for listening.Christmas morning Kylie just crawled around in all the paper and tried to eat all the bows. Oh yeah she crawls now. She can now get everywhere she wants to go. It's pretty cute but it means my baby is growing up.
This is poor pitiful Pearl, This is her double eye infections, double ear infections So Sad uh!!Kylie is her oatmeal bath, trying to ease away some of her misery. Happy birthday to my sweet girl. I love you so much, even when she acts like a two year old. She was been such a fun girl to raise. She has such a special spirit and tender little her. She loves to laugh and now loves to talk and say so many new words. She is my best little friend. I love you Kate.She had a spongebob cake in AZ that none of us ate because she didn't have an appetite yet and we ran out of time to have a party. She had a Mickey and Minnie cake at home and she sampled it before the party started. All her littel friends at her party had a great time showing her how to play with her new kitchen. She loves to warm up her bottles for her babies and make MICKEY SOUP for her Grandma. This is what my house looks like now almost all the time and Kylie crawls into the middle of all of it. Kylie enjoying a little oatmeal. I don't think any really gets down she just spits it out all over the place. She's not really into food yet.

P.S. So to make my great week better, Kate threw my cell phone in the bathtub while I was bathing Kylie the other day, so I have no phone numbers so if you ever want me to call any of you again or you think I might need to call you again even if you don't want me too I need you to email me or call me or leave it on my blog so I can save it in my new phone. Thanks a ton.